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My Dart Friends

Myself with Canadian Legend Bob Sinneive   Always  a top 8 finisher Canadian Gord Mills...awesome friend
Myself with 2nd Place Finisher at the Canadian Nationals.....Jeff noble...   Terry "The Bull" Jenkins....Dart Player and Comedian
Myself and Dennis "The Heat" Ovens.....   "Ronnie "The Rocket" Baxter and Myself
American Dart Star Darin Young.....what a dancer...lol   Dennis Ovens, Robert "The Thorn" Thornton, Co Stompe
Adrian Gray and Darin Young Talking shop   Ronnie Baxter and Mark Talking Shop
Robert Thronton signing Annettes shirt on Prestons Back....Now this guy is funny...   Adrian Gray Signing Annnettes Shirt
Dennis Ovens Signing Annette's new P.J's   Andy Jenkins and Myself
3 Time World Champion John Part...Dennis Ovens in the Background   Not Sure what is happening in this Picture....Chris May have farted
Legend and 2 time World Champion Dennis "The Menace" Priestly..and me....in shock   Johnny K from the United States
Ronnie Baxter Looking down at my Mixed Doubles Partner annette   Young stud Adrian Gray
Andy "Rocky" Jenkins   Ronnie Baxter Talking to Jeff Noble Before their Match with #1 Ranked Canadian jerry Hull.....Ronnie won 3 - 0 even after Jeff 12 darted him...
Dennis Ovens and Ronnie Baxter....just like on TV...all 18 dart games and under with one almost perfect   The Legend Dennis Priestly
Andy Jenkins Playing Dennis Priestly....Dennis won 3 - 1 I think....   The Two finalists signed the Board...Lionel "The Lion" Sams Lost 3 - 1 to Dennis "The Menace" Priestly
The Two Finalists...Dennis Priestly and Lionel Sams....after Dennis Claiming the Kitchener open Title   Dennis Geting a million Pics taken after a long day..a true sportsman
Me with The "winmau" Sponsor patch Dennis Priestly Gave me   After the Andy Jenkins & Dennis Priestly Match....like all dart players...they head for a pint......

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